Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter

Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter

Crewed Sailing yacht charter or yacht charter with luxury  sailing yacht charter in bodrum which is perfect for sailing as well as Fethiye and gocek. Crewed yacht charter in turkey precisely in the southwestern Turkish coasts and the Greek islands.

Atol yachting is one the leading turkish sailing yacht charter agent, organizing blue voyages known as blue cruise or croisiere bleu, Fethiye is ideal for sailing yacht chartering with hundreds of modern yachts to choose amongst.

Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing Yacht Charter Turkey

Turquoise water Sailing in Turkey means cruising along numerous gulfs and bays of very much indented Turkish coastline. It is also a journey back in time, with many archaeological sites, castles and temples that reflect its importance in ancient and medieval times.

Especially the south-west coast, roughly speaking the stretch of coastline from Izmir via Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kas to Antalya –kas is an ideal cruising ground.

This stretch of Turkish coastline is usually divided into four different sailing yacht charter areas: 1) The ionian coast, Izmir – Kusadasi – Güllük – Bodrum, a coastline which happens to have the best climate for sailing and shores of the rich culture of the Ionians and their great philosophers.

Crewed Sailing Yacht Charter

2) the western Karian coast, Bodrum – Marmaris, the most popular sailing ground which includes the two largest crewed sailing yacht charter bases in Turkey, Bodrum and Marmaris.

3) The eastern Karian coast, Marmaris – Fethiye, the pirate coast with its wild, mountainous shores and hundreds of hidden coves.

4) The lycian coast Fethiye – Kas – Finike – Antalya, rock tombs and solid stone sarcophagus. If you wish to charter a sailing yacht in Turkey please check with us to see our crerwed sailing yacht charter portfolio.

Atol yachting offers crewed sailing yacht charter in Turkey and the greek

islands covering Aegean and Eastern mediterranean waters. call us or drop

a line to compare our prices and services before chartering a Crewed yacht charter in Turkey.