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Crewed Yacht Charter in Turkey
Crewed Yacht Charter in Turkey

Crewed yacht charter in Turkey you are looking for a complete relaxation to refresh yourselves, crewed yacht charter in Turkey would be the best way to recharge your batteries.

The peace of mind and leisure cruising with plenty of swimming, walking the beaches, having short naps on the pigeon’s nest at the stern of a gulet, then dining and wining onboard a luxury crewed yacht charter in Turkey delicious meals prepared to your heart’s desire would be routine on board a crewed yacht charter in Turkey. The yacht charter Bodrum and the places you cruise, things you do, even the meals served, are all planned just for you and your loved ones.

Are you ready for an exciting blue cruise often called blue odyssey with plenty of swimming, exploring, lots of water sports, and cruising from port to port? The itinerary for your crewed yacht charter holiday will be designed to your desire to visit new places, new bays every day or perhaps you would like a little fun and adventure Your wishes are our orders, we shall match you the right crewed yacht charter with the right crew, and the right destinations.

Crewed Yacht Charter in Turkey

A typical day on a luxury crewed yacht charter would be something like this. You start the day with a quick dip in the crystal clear blue water and dry yourself up with a clean towel handed over to you upon climbing the sea ladder, return to your cabin and put on your favorite t-shirt, and place yourself at the stern couches known as the pigeon’s nest to find fresh fruits and just-brewed fresh coffee waiting for you. Breakfast follows, prepared to your heart’s desire. –gulet charter

You may ask your stewardess over a second cup of coffee, deciding what you would like to do this morning. Perhaps you would go ashore for a little shopping before getting underway. Then your yacht charter in Turkey is off to a magnificent bay for a new anchorage framed by a curving white sandy beach just right for a picnic. Your chef prepares a delightful lunch and the crew takes you ashore to enjoy a relaxed walking, undisturbed. Crewed yacht charter Greece and Turkey.

Later on, you may decide that it’s time to try out the water toys If you’ve never done it before, the crew happily gives you a lesson, and if you do not care for watersports just read your latest book or snooze. The crew will be happy to prepare you cocktails and cooling drinks accompanied by tasty hors d’oeuvres to tide you over till dinner. Tonight you’ve decided to go a little formal, and dine by candlelight. Tomorrow you may ask for a sunset fish barbecue on the deck. Crewed yacht charter Istanbul Turkey

While you sip a lion’s milk under the stars, the captain tells you the possible itinerary options for tomorrow. Perhaps you may order for an invigorating passage to another island, or stop in a fashionable resort town. On another day you will visit a fascinating historic site or watch artisans create traditional crafts. It’s always your choice. This is your own dream crewed mega yacht charter vacation and we will do everything we can to make sure those dreams come true. yacht charter Turkey -Crewed Yacht Charter in Turkey