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Yacht Crew

Yacht Crew A seasonal jobs or a career on a yacht can open the door to a whole new world. A world of excellent wages, great adventures, global travel and a whole lot more.

yachts Crew live aboard, pay little if any taxes, earn very good salaries and explore parts of the world that usually only the rich and famous jetset are privileged enough to enjoy. Yacht Crew

What training do I need to work on a yacht? All crew, from entry level positions like deckhand, steward and stewardess and chef and crew chef
should have STCW 95 BST and they should also have the ENG1 Medical certificate.

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Where can I find superyachts?
Superyachts are found all over the world but there a higher concentration in some areas, namely the Meditteranean and the Caribbean. Yacht Crew

However as more and more of the vessels are built, owners are becoming more adventurous, travelling globally with superyachts found in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the South Pacific and the West coast of America. You still get relatively few in Africa and South America.

Yacht Crew

Yacht Crew

Superyachts can be powered with motor or sail, that are over 3000 grt or more. The list includes, Abramovich, Paul Allen, Tom Perkins, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Phillip Green.

Is there a demand for crew?
Crew right across the board are demand and currently there is a significant shortage of good crew. Chefs and Engineers are always very much in demand. Rich and famous people face crew shortages for super-yachts.
What do you mean by good crew?
There can be the supposition in some circles that joining a yacht as crew is simply a paid holiday and an easy way to travel. There is a lot more to it than that. Good crew have the right training but more importantly the right attititude with a good work ethic. Yacht Crew

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Providing you have the right qualifications, the right attitude and know where and when to start looking, you should not find it hard to find a job on board. How do I look for work?
There are three main ways you can find work on board. The yacht crew placement agents and networking. Yacht Crew

For more information on crew placement agents please visit (Yat Personeli net)

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What sort of jobs are there on board?

At entry level, as said above you can find deckhands, stewardesses and stewards and chefs and assistant engineers, then as you move up the ladder you can find bosuns, third, second and first officers and Captains, you can also find chief stewards and stewardesses and pursers. Yacht Crew

When it comes to choosing what job you could consider going after you should play to your strengths, just because you are female it doesn’t mean that you can’t be deckhand or assistant engineer. Gulet charter and yacht charter crew Equally many chefs and stewards (interior crew) are male. Apart from full time work there are also the possibilities for short term weekly or monthly jobs.