Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout
Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Route

The Blue voyage and awesome itineraries to mention…

Turkish Riviera extends from Alanya in the east of Turkish southern coastline and Didim at the west, covering two ancient regions such as Caria and lycia, We pride ourselves for being the children of Anatolian civilizations since all our ancestors with bright minds haven’t disappeared overnight…

We cordially invite you to enjoy the Turquoise shores of Anatolia and have a closer look at the famous Karian coast. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Route,

Atol yachting propose you an unforgettable blue odyssey where lush green pine forests meet ever changing emerald, turquoise tones of blue mediterranean (which means land locked sea in latin) so that you and your loved ones might enjoy the nature and relax during your holidays in Turkey. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Route,

1-St. Day

Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye RoutWe would like you to be on board our yacht latest at 16H00. our captain will give you some information about the yacht rules and destinations during the welcome coctail or meeting. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Route,

We know how anxious you are to sail away from the crowd and the city stress. Let the mooring lines go…!

We are heading to Tersane island where you may refresh your skin and swim in chyristal clear blue waters. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

it is obvious that you havent had enough of this beautiful island but we have so much more to show you, lets drop anchor in sirali buk bay and feel the salt water surround you, no one but you…

After a warm turkish tea served in a sexy glass, we invite you to swim again untill the dinner is served. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,
while cooky start the fire on a barbecue for dinner. we let you alone in silence with the mother nature while others listen to the music …

Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Route

2-Nd. Day

Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye RoutIt is astonishing to see the same bay with such different colors in the night and the next morning…
come on, you dont need to wash your face, just jump in the water and have your wake up shower in the blue mediterranean.

donot worry, your breakfast is ready and waiting for you after a cool morning swim. 
Do you mind we heave up the anchor and drop again in Disgobun bay where the island gives us a shelter and the water is so smooth, breathtakingly virgin and clear, the spur pines are so green.

We should stay here for the lunch even for a siesta but we have another surprise for you to spend the evening at pancho bay, 17H00 tea time becomes routine, anyone care for a drink ? here we go with your favorite coctail. we propose a toast after dining and wining…

3-Rd. Day

The breakfast should be fast since we have a little longer trip to marvellous oludeniz and the butterfly valley (valle de mariposas) we bet that you havent seen such a place where the green meets the majestic blue as in oludeniz…

after such wonderful day we take you to st. Nicholas island before the down, this is an open air museum to consider and appreciate the past civilizations besides st. nicholas island is a great place for water sports. we might hear happy laughters of other guests on the other yachts where we get a goodnight kiss from the friendly winds…

4-Th Day

Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout

Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye RoutTo swim before the breakfast is a privilege in these waters to caress and massage your body with fresh skin of mediterranean sirenas…

after a delicious and rich breakfast Vira Bismillah which means ( heave up the anchor in the name of god) to Turunc pinari bay where the pine trees knee in front of this georgeous beauty. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

Anyone remember Tarzan ? then lets grab the ropes from the trees to take advantage of this opportunity to jump in the water like in the good old days, just like when we were kids. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

5-Th Day

We are in a hurry to reach Yassica islands because this unrivalled beauty is like heaven for daily yacht charter fethiye to gocek route and we have to get there before noon where the sea bottom is like an aquarium out of discovery channel. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,
Imagine a blue lagoon in the middle of a small island how about a little walk here, grab your digital cameras and climb the hill, you will be mesmerized with the stunning beauty and vivid colours of this scenery.

The day is not over yet, a man gotta do what hes gotta do… which is a barbecue of course ! barbecue for dinner again with sizzling fresh fish, Raki and Roka (green salad). try to forget, if you can…?

6-Th Day

Let your appetite unchained this morning with the calm beauty of sarsala bay, after having breakfast we shall take you to Binlik bay… how could you describe this otherwise ? binlik means thousand which has thousands of excellency, each and every corner is excellent. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

Those vertical hills to the sea, mooring places for one or two yachts only, pine trees bent, trying to drink sea water, such a shelter, such a beauty.

So many yachts from all over the world trying to be a part of this magic picture, in serenity. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,
We propose the lunch here in paradise, water sports if you care or snorkelling to discover the undiscovered or get a siesta after lunch. leave your favorite book at home since you wont be able to read them here.

Our course to steer is towards aga limani where you may realise how grateful were the ancient civilizations to the god for this celestial gift for they built churches and basilicas as Human gratitude…!

7-Th Day

You might be thinking righteously during the breakfast, Well yeah, whats next ?
every good thing has to have an end or wondering why you havent thought of being pampered like this before, maybe already planning your next summer holiday here in Turkey, The day is still too young and we would like to take you to monastery bay, the sunken bath where Kleopatra used to swim. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

Do you still think that you ought to be a Queen or a King to enjoy such luxury..? in the afternoon we are heading Bedri Rahmi bay who was a famous Turkish writer and this place was named after him since he fell in love with this splenditude. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

One tries to understand if this place is a trophy or a punishment with such dignity. In such a place a man would become either a writer or painter.

Shall we hit the shore and lets have a look at the fish figure which Bedri Rahmi did, ask your captain.! Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

8-Th Day

Now you might be considering that this should be the end of your splendid holiday.
maybe this is just a beginning, have a look at the map and check it out, how small and such a short trip it was, which means there are so much to discover, so much to taste, so much to savour, so much to learn.

Now you know how enjoyable is to gather with true friends and how delicious is to spend a week on board our yachts.

Let us provide you with the right yacht and the right crew and you make sure to bring the right companions with peace of mind. let us reef the sails and wait for the right breeze…

no more roses, no more pines,
no more red lips, no more wines,
neither mornings joys, nor sorrow.
life only exist when I think…
when I dont, Life wont.
Omar Khayyam

Well, a week is good enough, it is 10H00 in the morning, time to say goodbye, time to hug, please consider the captain and the crew who served you since satisfaction should not be one sided, so prepare your tips and exchange your emails, phone numbers with gratitude so that these poor seaman would be motivated. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye and Gocek kekova kas rout.

As a captain we have some recommendations for you, the stunning natural beauty of this coastal paradise are truely unique.

However you have to choose the right friends and companions or make sure you decide whom you want to spend your holiday with, also get satisfactory information about the yacht and the crew.

Since this is your dream get away and we know how precious is this holiday for you. Crewed Yacht Charter Gocek Fethiye Rout,

we care about your well being and your satisfaction with our yacht charter gocek. we would like that our friendship last forever, we want you to come back happy as if you find a dear old friend with tears in your eyes…