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Turkey proudly sits between two continents a position that has given rise to a culture that reflects both East and West. All about Turkey is a country where European aspirations sit comfortably alongside Asian traditions in symbiosis and the volatile atmosphere of the Middle East morphs seamlessly into the relaxed outlook of the Mediterranean world. The rich history of the Greek, Roman, and  Ottoman Empire has left an indelible mark and Turkey abounds with historical sites and archaeological wonders set in a beautiful landscape.

The Mediterranean coastline is punctuated with well-preserved Greco-Roman cities such as Pergamon and Ephesus, while the austere and rugged Anatolian plateau has cave churches hidden away in the improbable fairytale landscape of Cappadocia which is located in central Anatolia.

Istanbul happens to be still very much the pulse of the nation, has, even more, to offer, with Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, and Ottoman mosques and palaces. Turks have lived here since 11 th century medieval times since they arrived as nomads from Eastern Anatolia. Romans, Persians, Lycians, Karians, and Phrygians were former occupants of the same territory, and earlier still, Hittite tribes had built an Anatolian empire before collapsing around the time of the Trojan Wars. information about yacht chartering.

With history at every turn, it is tempting to portray Turkey as a quaint, time-locked country that adheres to tradition but this is far from the truth. The modern republic’s first leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,  has reinvented Turkey as a modern secular state following the demise of the Ottoman Empire. Whatever you see today is thanks to Atatürk’s comprehensive modernization that is a healthy combination of ancient traditions and contemporary outlook. This outlook sees little contradiction in having modern European ways tempered by Islam and time-honored traditions of hospitality. -All About Turkey

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All About Turkey – Usefull to Know

Yacht charter holidays in Turkey are for everyone and for all budgets whether you want a small sailing yacht or a luxury gulet where you will be treated like the king and the queen of the Mediterranean.

Book a gulet charter in Turkey with us, Visit the stunning beaches and sparkling waters of unspoiled bays and coves within Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek, or Fethiye which is 30 mins away from Dalaman International airport. The springtime in Turkey Hemmed between the sea and the mighty Taurus Mountains, the plain of Pamphylia gave rise to some large and particularly splendid classical cities.

Set on fertile ground, and perfectly placed for local and international trade, this small strip of land became one of the most densely populated in the Roman Empire. Timed to coincide with Turkey’s spectacular display of wildflowers in spring, this tour on land promises to be a visual and cultural feast.

Day trips take us from the stunning natural beauty of Phaselis, once the den of marauding pirates, now hidden amongst pine forest, to the mountain lair of Termessos, whose theatre sits high amongst the gods, on the edge of a cliff.

Boasting one of the best-preserved aqueducts and Roman theatres in the world, Aspendos is but one of the special delights of this voyage into the past. Just a short distance from our hotel, we’ll travel to Perge to explore its magnificent stadium, colonnaded street, and baths.-All About Turkey

all about Turkey

The statues that once decorated its buildings are now housed in the Antalya museum, a splendid treasure trove. Turkey’s spring flowers are perhaps the finest in Europe Our base is in a beautiful Special class characterful hotel in the ‘Kaleici’, the fortified old city surrounding Antalya’s vital harbor.-All About Turkey

Today the old city is a place of great charm, with narrow streets lined with Ottoman mansions that have been carefully and lovingly restored.
Throughout this cultural tour, we’ll enjoy fabulously fresh Turkish food, from exquisite dinners in fine restaurants, to beautiful picnics on the ancient sites. This is a holiday in Turkey to stimulate and inspire. It will take you deep into its ancient past on a magnificent archaeological adventure. This cultural holiday and archaeological gulet cruise interweave the magic of the Turkish coast with two awe-inspiring Greek islands. -All About Turkey

We set sail on our gulet and head west from Gocek, to Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, site of the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Fortification door, Loryma we visit some of the greatest archaeological gems on Turkey’s southwest coast: Kaunos with its exquisite rock-cut temple tombs and beautifully preserved Knidos, a monumental marbled city arranged around a double harbor.-All About Turkey

We’ll also travel to visit one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world, Rhodes, (a powerhouse in antiquity too), and the neighboring Greek island of Symi. Decked out in the finest neo-classical style.

all about Turkey

This archaeological tour weaves together a cornucopia of simple pleasures: magnificent sites, quiet coves, wondrous walks, breathtaking vistas, and glorious swims.-All About Turkey

As with all our gulet cruises in Turkey, delicious Turkish food is a key component. Taking a luxurious sailing vacation on a Turkish gulet,  our ever-changing horizon is a wild, remote and mountainous landscape cut into long peninsulas, deep inlets, secluded coves, and pine-fringed fjords. Exploring this unspoiled coast, we rediscover the ancient realm of Mausolus, ruler of Caria, 2400 years ago.

With such rich and strategically vital cities, the area was a crossroads of civilizations. Alexander the Great liberated it from Persia, Rhodes sought to carve it into an empire, and the legacy of Crusader castles still speaks of the epic battle between Christianity and Islam. A holiday in Turkey designed to inspire and relax in equal measure. So many of our guests have raved about the food served on our gulet cruises and asked for recipes, that we decided to create a trip with an even more gastronomic flavor. -All About Turkey

Not only will you enjoy all the usual dishes served up by the onboard chef, on this trip you will get involved in the cooking, conjuring up some of the excellent Turkish dishes you’ll eat.

This is a journey to tantalize your tastebuds, a voyage of discovery through Turkish Mediterranean cuisine. Beginning in Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, this tour heads north to Ephesus one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean. En route, we visit some of the most interesting and prettiest sites in Turkey.-All About Turkey

All about turkey We’ve had a number of requests for family gulet cruises over the years. Parents have told us that their children are so fascinated with the Greeks and Romans that they would love to bring them along on a trip. So in 2006 we created a new one week trip for families to coincide with Here are some suggestions for books, biographies, and travel guides should you wish to read up on Turkey, Turkish history, and the area’s archaeology, before your historical holiday, cultural tour, or gulet cruise. There’s a section specific to this region along with books on the Ottomans and Istanbul. The books are in no particular order.-All About Turkey